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CURRICULUM GUIDELINS: Organizing Improved Communication
This presentation gives information about communicating the curriculum, defining communication and listing guidelines to govern improving communication. 

MAKE TECHNOLOGY APART OF YOUR CAREER DEVELOPMENT Convince your staff to become more computer savy. Use the resources at to get you started. 

CURRICULUM LEADERSHIP: Its Nature and Strategies
This presentation surveys the theories that govern the curriculum improvement process. It lists and defines six strategies for developing solid foundations in curriulum growth. 








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  Digital Communications for Music Educators
theperfectutor is preparing music teachers for the future with this informative presentation on Digital Communications Presentation on Mexico
Present this to grades 3 through adult.  Find out basic information on Mexico and Mexican culture. Presentation on Asia
Present this to grades 3 through adult. Find out basic information on Asia and Asian Cultures. Presentation on Music Fundamentals
Present this to grades 1 through adult. Review Music Fundamentals concepts.
 Presentation Learn to Read Music!!! 
Present this to grades 3 through 5 to Introduce Music Fundamentals concepts. Presentation on Math
Present this to grades K through 6. Define math concepts and drill basic math skills