….traditional pedagogy and contemporary trends...

The Challenges of Teaching Music in Primary Schools in Five Countries

Current pre-service teacher education students are tomorrow's teachers and what they believe about the priority and challenges of music education in elementary schools is important, as it will impact on their attitudes and practice when they are teaching in schools. 

Music Education Research

There are many published examples of research in music education, using a variety of approaches including surveys, experiments, and historical studies. In the United States, research in this field has been carried out for many years under the auspices of the National Association for Music Education.

There’s New Evidence that Music Lessons Boosts Kids Cognitive Skills

Evidence has been building that music lessons boost students' cognitive skills, helping them excel at a wide range of academic subjects. While many studies point in that direction, others are more cautionary, suggesting smarter, more motivated kids may simply choose to take up an instrument.

Early Music Lessons Boos Brain Development

Early music lessons boost brain development. ... The study provides strong evidence that the years between ages six and eight are a "sensitive period" when musical training interacts with normal brain development to produce long-lasting changes in motor abilities and brain structure.

Four Ways that Learning Piano Can Benefit Your Brain

Learning Piano Actually Builds Brain Power. ... Breakthroughs in brain imaging have shown that playing piano strengthens the bridge between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, and makes the connections in the frontal lobe much more efficient.

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