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The annual Master Class is held at the Southern University School of Music.

Master Class

The Perfect Pianos Master Class is held for piano students annually in February at the Southern University School of Music.

Text Box: What is a Master Class?
An essential part of any serious musician’s training is the Master Class. In a Master Class, a student who has achieved a certain level of technique and skill works one-on-one with a “master” for a one-time class. A Master Class gives serious students the opportunity to learn from another professional besides their regular instructor.
Who is the Master?
Typically the “master” is a professional who has made a name for him or herself, has a strong performance history, and a teaching background. Students audition by tape and the master selects how many and with whom he/she is willing to work. Often, but certainly not always, the Master Class is held in front of an audience, and so the student should keep in mind that it is just as much a performance as it is a lesson.



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