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  • provides online tutor services to online clients through interesting and professional presentations.  Our goal is to educate a variety of clients through digital means. We will provide on-site in-services for your staff. Email us:



  • Our staff assistants are degreed and certified educators.


  • "The presentations provided by have helped my students become more interested in multicultural studies.  The service has saved me valuable time in and away from my classroom!" (Cynthia Bridges, public school teacher)











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  Digital Communications for Music Educators
theperfectutor is preparing music teachers for the future with this informative presentation on Digital Communications Presentation on Mexico
Present this to grades 3 through adult.  Find out basic information on Mexico and Mexican culture. Presentation on Asia
Present this to grades 3 through adult. Find out basic information on Asia and Asian Cultures. Presentation on Music Fundamentals
Present this to grades 1 through adult. Review Music Fundamentals concepts.
 Presentation Learn to Read Music!!! 
Present this to grades 3 through 5 to Introduce Music Fundamentals concepts. Presentation on Math
Present this to grades K through 6. Define math concepts and drill basic math skills