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Basic Math Tutor

Present this to grades K through 6. Define math concepts and drill basic math skills.

  • theperfectutor.org is a concierge online and in-home tutor service. Originally a       private piano studio, Perfect Pianos, our services have expanded to meet the very important needs of local clients. Changes in public education have made it necessary      for parents to address educational concerns. Let us help you. We provide certified educators to govern your child’s after school routine. We will provide services strongly  rooted in discipline and excellence.


    • theperfectutor.org is your answer to online study.  

    • Try our free demos for Educational Administrators.

    • The online games has links to your child's favorite game and entertainment pages.

    • Apply online or send us an email to discuss your particular needs. After our online screening and group conferences, we will set up a schedule to include your child in our after-school group tutoring sessions where your child will receive structured assistance in reading, writing, arithmetic, and/or music. $100 per month for tutor and music services include four one our sessions per month. (There is a $35 monthly fee for in-home school services.)

    • "The presentations provided by  theperfectutor.com have helped my students become more interested in multicultural studies.  The service has saved me valuable time in and away from my classroom!" (Cynthia Bridges, public school teacher)


theperfectutor.org Digital Communications  Teachers of technology can present this informative presentation on Digital Communications to high school students.

Internet Training for Preschool Teachers

theperfectutor.org Online Internet Teacher Training 
Administrators present this to Early Childhood, Pre-K, and Kindergarten teachers.

Teacher Training in Educational Technology

Teaching Training and Education

Administrators present this to your faculty to inspire them to reaching educational goals through the use of technology.

Ellington Was Not a Street

Ellington Was Not a Street

This is a great story to present to elementary students. It includes history, art, and music.